Starting Over

Here I am in the midst of another major life transition. The last one was the beginnings of “mid-life” – now it is the final years. I should be getting good at this, after all I have been doing it for 55 years. Life has been full of transitions. The normal childhood and adolescent changes on the way to adulthood were sprinkeled with the dysfunction that comes from losing my father when I was six and then coping with an emotionally distraught mother for the rest of those years. My entry into adulthood was in the late sixties and was influenced heavily by my identity as a hippie. After a spiritual search in eastern thinking, I became a Christian in my mid twenties. I married, had children, and was divorced by my early thirties. I moved from the midwest to the east coast to attend seminary in my late thirties and, from my early forties to early fifties, I lived in a fairly radical community. So, here I am again – where to from here?


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