Aspects of a Healthy Home

As I mentioned in a previous post, I spent some time during the past year considering a website focused on this area. During that time my wife and I identified what we felt were the primary aspects of a healthy home. Rather than approaching the subject from just one side, such as non-toxic or eco-friendly, we wanted to help people think wholistically about their living and work environment. We wanted to help people consider their environments affect on their health as well as their affect on the environment's health.

We came up with six aspects that we thought were central to the subject. To maintain a healthy home or work environment, the following aspects are crucial considerations.

A healthy home is:
• Natural
• Simple
• Organized
• Non-toxic
• Efficient
• Sustainable

Each of these areas are packed and interrelated. To live naturally is to live simply, and to live simply is to live organized. This leads to maintaining a non-toxic environment, which is also energy and resource efficient, which is also sustainable and earth-friendly.
For now, I just wanted to express the big picture – I will spend some time discussing each aspect in the near future. I hope it helps you consider your environment and I will greatly appreciate your feedback.


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