My Wife

Besides maintaining a sense of peace in my spirit, having healthy relationships has been a very central focus to my life. I have spent the past twenty years with a very special woman. Laurie and I married when she was 29 and I was 34. We were both married previously and had plenty of baggage from growing up in fairly dysfunctional families. I had been separated from my previous wife for only two years, but had begun to take a good look at myself and was determined to do things differently.


We have worked hard at our relationship, sometimes wondering if we would make it. We both had daughters of similar ages which we attempted to blend into a happy family. We were mostly unsuccessful at that but continued to plod along. We pursued counseling and mediation, and sought out workshops and other learning environments, to deepen our relationship and deal with our problems.


Primarily, we have strived to learn to communicate openly and honestly. As we move through our current transition, we have realized that living communally actually hindered our communication. We have again renewed that commitment and, reading the book Getting Real by Susan Campbell, have hope to practice a deeper communication than we have previously known. As we move in that direction, we also realize the blocks that continue to get in the way but are also assured that the journey will continue to unfold and bring healing and growth. We love each other and are committed for the long run.




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