Fearless Living (part 2)

Part two of Rhonda Britten's book, Fearless Living, details the commitments that are necessary to move off of the wheel of fear and onto the wheel of freedom. It is essentially an inner resolve and mindset that releases us form the grip of a fear based life to live from a place of freedom. I think her premise is basically that, if we can see how fear controls our thoughts and actions, we can make new choices to move us in a new direction. Her four commitments: no expectations, no excuses, no complaining, and no beating yourself up, although a tall order for someone who has allowed fear to rule their life, are the choices necessary for starting over.

  • No expectations – The first commitment is centered around living from a place of accountability rather than victimization – it is shifting from blame to intention. Expecting life to be different than it is, by "shoulding" on yourself or others, only perpetuates the cycle of negative emotions and self destructive behavior. By letting go of expectations we can choose personal accountability and intention to redirect our life. "Living in intention through acceptance. Responsibility, proactive choice, and willingness to be ordinary, will move fear aside and allow intuition to surface (p.170)". Letting go of expectations will ground us in reality and motivate us to take responsibility for our essential nature and wholeness.
  • No excuses – The second commitment moves us further along the path, away from victimization toward accountability. Giving up excuses loosens the power we have allowed the past to have on our present life, and empowers us to make new choices for the future. To move us along the path of letting go of our excuses, Rhonda rightly connects the process of forgiveness. It is through forgiving ourselves, and those who have hurt us, that we let go of excuses and embrace the freedom to choose.
  • No complaining – By this time, it shouldn't be too hard to see that complaining is a great adjunct to expectations and excuses. Complaining keeps us stuck – stuck as a victim of our circumstanses and feeling sorry for ourselves. Giving up complaining further strengthens our accountability and intention. It encourages us to count our blessings and take responsibility to make new choices.
  • No beating yourself up – Last, but not least, of the four commitments has to do with seeing yourself in a new light. By giving up expectations, excuses, and complaint, we become more grounded in a realistic view of ourselves and those around us. As we learn to acknowledge our gratitudes rather than complaints, we also begin to acknowledge our strengths and accomplishments. We give up the negative self talk that keeps us stuck in fear, and continue the journey toward freedom.

RISK is the acronym Rhonda uses to summarize these four commitments that are at the heart of moving from fear to freedom. They are simple truths that most of us are aware of on some level yet, to some extent, keep us from achieving our hearts desire. Read the book – Rhonda Britten's simple truths and common sense exercises are worthwhile tools for anyone wanting to make positive advances on the journey of life.


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