About Me

My name is Ron Czecholinski. I am or have been a husband, father, son, friend, grandfather, leatherworker, carpenter, student, teacher, pastor, counselor, entrepreneur, among many things that have attribute my identity. I have lived alone, with my wife, with my children, and communally. I have traveled throughout most of the United States and a bit into Mexico. I really like the Hispanic culture and hope to spend more time south of the border.

I am 55 year old and in the midst of another of life's major transitions. I am in the later part of mid-life and recently made a major move where all aspects of my life are being assessed. As I refocus my life and relationships, and work with my wife rehabbing houses, I have been wanting to develop another area of interest. I have wanted to start a website focused on a healthy home environment, which is part of where my focus has been throughout my life. I couldn't find the passion to do it because my interests are much broader. I have also been very involved with emotional health and recovery, and find much passion in that area. In addition, I have spent many years focused on holistic health and realized that is the topic that at this time best describes my passion. But I couldn't get myself to do the technical work that a website requires (It just isn't part of those interests), but then I discovered blogging.

That put the focus and fuel to what was churning. I love the personal, rather than business, feel. I love the interaction that is possible. My hope is that, through my experience and research, others might find hope and help in the transitions on their journey. I hope to provide information and resources that bless your life. I look forward to your participation.


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